Iron & Wine

Iron and Wine/Calexico - In The Reins

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Release date: September 26, 2005
Label:  Other
Catalog #: 4060099

This is Sam Beam (Iron & Wine as you know him) playing many a sweet lick with his buddies in Calexico. Do you want to know how this record came about? Well I will tell you…

Three years ago, Iron And Wine’s Sam Beam entertained the idea of recording with Calexico founding members Joey Burns and John Convertino as the backing band for what would have become his debut record. Due to unavoidable situations, that recording didn’t happen. Finally, after much acclaim for both bands, recording for “In The Reins” took place in December of 2004. It’s a collaborative affair that features seven Sam originals with the backing of the full Calexico band and vocals by Joey Burns. A truly harmonious affair with equal parts Iron and Wine and Calexico to satisfy fans of either or both. These tracks offer something new and exciting beyond what the listener has come to expect from either act.

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