J. Tillman

Cancer and Delirium

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Release date: April 27, 2007
Label:  Other
Catalog #: 4097094

“I first heard J. Tillman’s music a couple of years ago when he released ‘Long May You Run, J. Tillman’ on Keep Recordings – a collection of lo-fi, well lived-in recordings that were simply staggering to me. I’d only been doing the record label thing for a little over a year at the time, but I distinctly remember coming out of a long thousand-yard-stare with a feeling of breathless exhaustion at the emotional heft of the music. I also remember immediately afterwards thinking “That’s exactly the music I want to release. This is perfect.”

And what a collection it is – on Cancer and Delirium Tillman strikes the perfect balance between the intimacy of his earlier releases that I fell in love with with the masterful, nuanced melodic sense of his excellent 2006 Fargo release, Minor Works.

Cancer and Delirium is meant for dark winter months curled up in a heat-less warehouse apartment and this album is perfect company. The short days still give plenty of time to crawl deep inside every heartbreaking passage and evocative instrumental flourish and it’s thrilling for us to be able to share all this beauty with you." – Morgan King, Yer Bird Records Founder

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