Brontez Purnell


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Release date: April 6, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
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Brontez Purnell has been making music since the ‘90s. He started in The Social Lies, a hardcore Afro-punk duo in Alabama in his teens, and later Gravy Train!!! He then went on to lead his long-running project, The Younger Lovers. He is also a dancer, filmmaker, choreographer (The Brontez Purnell Dance Company), and the author of eight books. 

Brontez says, “‘Jaboukie’ was originally called ‘100 Boyfriends,’ but I found out that apparently I can be sued for calling that song that since I named my book that (though the song was written waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the book). So then I was like, ‘so which N**** am I gonna @ with this song.’ And Jaboukie was the one who sent a DM text right after I had that thought! True story! So it's for him❤️. Also, it's Sub Pop, so I had to rep with my fave Nirvana song from middle school.”

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