Circuit des Yeux


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Release date: August 16, 2011
Label:  De Stijl
Catalog #: 4000384

Portrait is Haley Fohr’s third LP and a massive step in her growth as a musician and artist. While pursuing a degree in recording and ethnomusicology she has become proficient in the studio. The result—radically unexpected qualities of cohesion and hi fidelity posit Portrait’s narratives in a space that we’ve yet to experience. This sort of playing the game in the way that the game is usually played, I think is usually called a sell-out. And had her intent faltered to the slightest degree that conclusion might be apropos. But it’s merely an effort to strip the canvas bare and get face to face with things. And it’s Haley’s intent that continues to be championed, as it has endured the acts of recording and performing and yet still stands strong and pristine. the rare qualities of strength and character can only be attributed to a rare artist. The modest, clarion sparkle of Portrait would not have been expected, or even achievable, considering the arc of Symphone and Sirenum, and it stands as a cornerstone and a monument, a testament to the daily practice of channeling her 21 yr old, roiling emotions into sound recordings.

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