Parasites of the Western World

Parasites of the Western World

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Release date: March 24, 2011
Label:  De Stijl
Catalog #: 4000390

From the De Stijl website

the parasites of the western world are a band from portland OR who released their recorded debut in 1978. it’s a fascinating spin, a galactic ramble across the otherworldly themes of alienation and paranoia, seemingly inspired by LSD and philip dick. primarily the creation of patrick burke and terry censky, the parasites were limitless with invention and completely DIY. this is a record that was recorded in an apartment, by a crew thoughtful enough to curtail it’s loud excursions for the daylight hours. its rockist moves are surprisingly informed by the typical institutions of this era : pink floyd, the beatles and hawkwind and it’s many electronic flourishes are an above ground sound that would presage the likes of vertical slit, f / i and vertigo. the parasites remain to be light years ahead of a time that has yet to come.

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