Red House Painters

II (Bridge)

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Release date: August 14, 2015
Label:  4ad
Catalog #: 4056597

Part of 4AD’s 2015 reissue campaign of Red House Painters’ catalog, the second of two self-titled 1993 records (known as "Bridge" to discerning fans) collects the remaining tracks from the remarkably fruitful sessions which also launched the earlier album. 

Far more experimental in nature, it opens with 'Evil', a slow and withdrawn song which acutely sets the album's haunting, dark tone. The unrequited love song 'Bubble' and the dysfunctional 'Uncle Joe' rank among Mark Kozelek's most perfectly realized compositions, and the closer, a marvelously downbeat reading of 'The Star Spangled Banner', allows the group's often unsung black humor to seep to the surface.

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