Talbot Tagora

Lessons in the Woods or a City

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Release date: July 20, 2009
Label:  Hardly Art
Catalog #: 73007

Lessons in the Woods or a City is presented as a series of lessons. Lessons that present a lesson that presents a lesson – in a lesson. A series of abstractions for the senses. A sound shaped for an ear which suggest a thought. A thought for a vehicle in a vehicle in a vehicle. Presented by fish on a circle to fish on a circle – as they change through a vehicle in time. Intended to take your time while you think about time. Time – A measurement. A clock – a tool in measurement – included on a CD player. 33.333 – a number – a tool in a tool in measurement – revolutions per minute- included on a record player. Tools used in the summer, fall, winter, or spring- tools explaining a revolution – a year – in a revolution in a revolution.

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