Out Takes

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Release date: July 26, 2010
Label:  Other
Catalog #: 4019096

Featuring 13 rare and unreleased cuts, Out Takes collects unheard songs, demo recordings, and alternate mixes. Handpicked by Greg Sage, the songs date from 1979-1983, the same years as their landmark first three LPs. Side one focuses on the era of their debut LP, Is This Real?, a desperate, energetic masterpiece, considered by Kurt Cobain as the blueprint for grunge. Included are raw, sparsely arranged 4-track demos, two unreleased songs from 1979, and the forceful, youthful track “Rebel With a Cause” which was cut from the LP.
The second half of the LP presents a live recording of “Mistaken Identity,” originally intended for the Wipers’ third LP, Over the Edge, a rare B-side, and alternate mixes of songs from Youth of America. Out Takes is an incredible new window into the career of one of the greatest American punk bands.

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