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Sub Pop Mega Mart

Sub Pop Sub Pop 200

Release Date:
December 1, 1988
Catalog No:
Sub Pop

Sub Pop Sub Pop 200


  1. Tad - "Sex God Missy"
  2. The Fluid - "Is it day I’m Seeing?"
  3. Nirvana - "Spank Thru"
  4. Steven J. Bernstein - "Come Out Tonight"
  5. Mudhoney - "The Rose"
  6. The Walkabouts - "Got No Chains"
  7. Terry Lee Hale - "Dead is Dead"
  8. Soundgarden - "Sub Pop Rock City"
  9. Green River - "Hangin’ Tree"
  10. Fastbacks - "Swallow My Pride"
  11. Blood Circus - "The Outback"
  12. Swallow - "Zoo"
  13. Chemistry Set - "Underground"
  14. Girl Trouble - "Gonna Find a Cave"
  15. The Nights and Days - "Split"
  16. Cat Butt - "Big Cigar"
  17. Beat Happening - "Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive"
  18. Screaming Trees - "Love or Confusion"
  19. Steve Fisk - "Untitled"
  20. Thrown Ups - "You Lost It"