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The Makers Hip-Notic

Release Date:
August 14, 1974
Catalog No:

The Makers Hip-Notic

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  1. shout on, my brothers
  2. explode your love
  3. dark
  4. i resent
  5. flowers grow for her
  6. fat old man
  7. i know everything
  8. ten fold
  9. witch doctor
  10. i will never do it again
  11. rattle down
  12. potential liability
  13. here it comes
  14. social end product
  15. inside lookin’ out
  16. she‘s a drag
  17. baby please don’t go
  18. the crusher (ladies and gents…Vic Mostly!)
  19. don‘t wanna go home
  20. pushin’ too hard
  21. i wanna be your man
  22. i can‘t find you (spot the Dick Hell tribute)
  23. li’l red ridin’ hood
  24. i am not an animal/i can’t sleep-thee elephant man
  25. beaver patrol