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Q: Before we get into my frequently asked questions, what do I do if I have more questions?

You can reach us at, and we’ll get back to you somewhat promptly.


SPL is our way of supporting customers who prefer to shop at their local independent record store, making available to them preorder exclusives, Sub Pop merchandise and other items that your store may not carry on a regular basis. By cutting your local store in on the sale, and saving you shipping costs, we hope to provide better service to you and support indie retail. This is what’s known in the professional music business as a "win-win-win-win."

Q: How does SPL work?

When you click on a link sent out from your store, or find an item you want while browsing the Sub Pop Mega Mart, at checkout simply select the option to pick up at your local store. Note that since not every locality will have a participating store, there may not be a SUB POP LOCAL option available to you.

Select the "Pickup at..." option for free shipping to your store. You will pay for the item at checkout, at an everyday low price. When you pick up at your store, you pay nothing more.

Q: Can I order more than one item to pick up at my store?

Yes, go ahead, order up, make our (and your store’s) day. But please be aware of ...

Q: When will my items ship to my store?

This gets a little complicated.

If you are preordering a new release with a release date in the future, that item, AND ALL ITEMS YOU ORDER WITH IT, will ship to your store to be there on that future release date. This works the same as with all regular Mega Mart orders – you would get one big shipment on release date with your new release and other items (only your store wouldn't get the sale, and you would pay for the related shipping). To avoid this, you can place preorders separately. Since there is no related shipping cost for multiple orders: no problem!

If you pre-order several items that have different future release dates, those items will ship together to the store to arrive ON THE LATEST RELEASE DATE IN YOUR ORDER. Again, to avoid this (and because you want to be the first on your block to hear the new music), place preorders with different release dates separately. No shipping costs, no problem!

If you are ordering an item or items that don’t have future release dates, those will ship to your local store with their next order, at which time we will email you with an expected availability date. Since our indie partners in SUB POP LOCAL generally order weekly or at the most every other week, the most you should have to wait is around two weeks.

Please note, if you place a preorder less than two weeks ahead of release, it may not process in time to be included in the new release order when it ships to the store. If you're not sure if you're in time, just ask us at

Q: What will my store do with my order once it gets to them?

Like any special order, they will set it aside and, we hope, let you know they have it waiting for you. As a backup, we'll send you an email when your order ships so you know when to expect it at your store. Since you have already paid for the item, you pay nothing when you pick up your order.

Q: Can I cancel an order that's already been shipped out my store for pick up?

Unfortunately, all SPL orders are treated as special orders and as such, refunds and/or returns are not available

Q: Where is SPL available?










North Carolina