Hot Hot Heat

Make Up the Breakdown

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Release date: October 8, 2002
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70599

Following closely on the heels of their critically-acclaimed Knock Knock Knock EP, Make Up the Breakdown is Hot Hot Heat's debut full-length, recorded with Jack Endino at Vancouver, BC’s Mushroom Studios. SPIN Magazine had this to say about Knock Knock Knock: “Some retro new wavers hang themselves on their own skinny ties. While their peers lip-sych to Cure 45s, these Canucks take subtler cues from early-‘80s synth disco. Its not new wave worship, it’s the sound of punk teaching itself to dance.” And the new record delivers on the promise hinted at on the EP. Hot Hot Heat (along with peers like Radi0 4 and The Rapture) blend angular post-punk twitch with danceable pop, effectively (and finally) persuading white dopes on punk to get on the good foot.

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