2021 Holiday Sale

Sub Pop's ATINGLE WITH SALES SALE, explained!

We can all practically feel it in the air… It’s once again the time of year where we thank you for being the best music-buying (and, we hope, t-shirt-and-tote-bag-buying) customers to ever exist!

We do this by, yes – you guessed it, offering our high quality music and assorted merchandise at a discounted rate! Here are the nuts and bolts: Between November 5th and 11:59 PM (PST) January 2, 2021, buy $30 or more worth of stuff (not including shipping and tax) from the Mega Mart and get 20% off all eligible items. Buy $100 worth of stuff and you’ll also receive free domestic shipping!

What is eligible? Everything in the shop is eligible for this 20% off, except pre-orders, Sub Pop Singles Club subscriptions, this Dina Martina puzzle and gift cards.

What items in particular are setting us atingle this year, you ask? New releases from LOW, Bob’s Burgers, Shannon Lay, CHAI, Iron & Wine, The Shins, Mudhoney, and MORE have us buzzing! We’re also fond of our incredibly comfortable Sub Pop sweatpants and our brand new Sub Pup line of pet accessories.

And why, for the love of Pete, do we keep saying “atingle”??! Because, to us it evokes the unique feeling of excitement we might normally associate with a really great live music performance, or any number of other events, experiences or encounters which have, sadly, been pretty scarce the past who-really-even-knows-how-long-at-this-point! And, also, it kind of sounds like “jingle”! And, we are easily amused!

Please note! If there are any pre-order items in your cart at checkout, your entire order will not ship until the shipping date of the furthest out pre-order. That means your order will not ship until after the first of the year, and you will not receive any part of your order in time for the holidays. The solution to this is: place multiple orders.

All orders placed by/on December 15th are guaranteed to ship out before we close up shop for the year, so get your orders in early and often.  Related to this impending warehouse closure, any orders placed between December 15th and January 2nd will not ship out until after we are back in operation on January 3rd. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patronage. It’s been yet another weird year and we appreciate your impending (wildly overzealous, we hope) gift buying spree for you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays folks!

With love,
Sub Pop.