2023 Holiday Sale

Sub Pop's 2023 Holid-AI Sale explained!

Sub Pop is getting into the AI biz! We keep “reading” all of these articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and have decided it’s high time to give it a whirl. How hard can it be? Our new PunkyGPT is smarter, funnier, and more helpful than we have ever beeen (the bar is low...) We’ll let PunkyGPT take it from here…

Sub Pop's Holiday Holid.AI Sale Now On!

Holidays (like everything) are improved by the addition of AI! Why settle for a fuddy-duddy, ordinary holiday when you can have a new and improved holid.AI? There is no legitimate reason! 

And so, to celebrate the 2023 holid-AI season, we are offering our high-ish quality music and merchandise at a discounted rate which is now available to you for discounted purchase now. You are welcome for and to this gift of ours to you! Your trust and loyalty have filled our hearts pockets with warmth cash, and we couldn’t be all that much more thankful, we don’t think. This 2023 holid.AI sale is our way of giving you back deals for you today.

Get holid.AI harmonies for less! Between 12:01am (PST) November 20th and 11:59 PM (PST) January 1, 2024, buy $30 or more worth of stuff (not including shipping and tax) from the Sub Pop Mega Mart and get 20% off all eligible items. Buy $75 worth of stuff and you’ll also receive free domestic shipping! 

What items qualify for Sub Pop's Tuneful Melody of Holid.AI Savings? Everything in the whole wide Mega Mart is eligible for this 20% off limited time deal now for a limited time, except gift cards and Singles Club Volume 8 subscriptions.

What items in particular would we recommend? PunkyGPT sez… the top recommendations for your listening pleasure and best-in-class audio experience are new music releases from Bully, Quasi, CHAI, Hannah Jadagu, Mudhoney, and additionally so many more. We’re also pleased with our new Sub Fuzz Sweatshirt and also Flannels.

Please note! If there are any pre-order items in your cart at checkout, your entire order will not ship until the shipping date of the furthest out pre-order. That could mean your order will not ship until after the first of the year, and you will not receive any part of your order in time for the holidays. The solution to this is: place multiple orders.

All orders placed by/on December 16th are guaranteed to ship out before we close up shop for the year, so get your orders in early and often.  Related to this impending warehouse closure, any orders placed between December 17th and January 1st will not ship out until after we are back in operation on January 2nd. 

‘Tis the season for reflection, gratitude and pretending to know how to use AI, and we're so thankful for your support during the holid.AIs. May the end of your year be filled with happiness and also Sub Pop merchandise!

With love,
Sub Pop Records: Artificially Intelligent Since 1988.