The Fear
The Fear
The Fear
Spirit Award

The Fear

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Release date: May 19, 2023
Label:  Share It Music
Catalog #: 76014

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Spirit Award is the moniker for Seattle-based singer/songwriter Daniel Lyon. The band's vision has always been to make something with intention, love, vulnerability, raw emotion, and authenticity that captures the human spirit. The sound has morphed into a feeling and sound that is motorik, psychedelic, fuzzy, ethereal, driving, and aggressive but still maintains some pop sensibilities, citing the work of Arthur Russell, Neu!, and Suicide among their inspiration.

The Fear album is an exploration of the supernatural, love, dreaming/waking, and most of all facing the things that scare you or you think you can’t do, all encompassed in a warping and changing landscape, shedding your perceived notions of what you think life or the world is and being open to new ideas or experiences. The Fear is intended as a meditation, a release of energy and putting positivity and motivation for creating love and joy, challenging what you were raised in or what society tells you to believe. Finding what rings true to you based on your experience, enjoying the journey with plenty of room to ask questions and entertain the mystical.

The album was recorded in various places, houses, studios, basements and bedrooms by Daniel, then co-produced and mixed at Way Out in Woodinville, Washington by Trevor Spencer (Beach House, Father John Misty, Valley Maker). Spirit Award has chosen to donate a portion of proceeds to MusiCares, which provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community.

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