Pleasure Forever


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Release date: May 6, 2003
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70666

The mysterious imagery and allusions to dark excess on Pleasure Forever’s self-titled debut was often considered a concept album that celebrated living life on the brink of collapse (landing on’s “Best of 2001” list with the following: "Songs about drugs and orgies made with only guitar, piano, and drums’) The trio’s second full-length for Sub Pop is as intense, brooding and taut as we’ve come to expect. But, there’s an increased emphasis on the payoff, the catharsis at the root of all good, visceral rock and roll. With Alter Pleasure Forever sounds evermore lush, heavy and sinister while maintaining its warped ’60s pop undercurrent. The new record combines the swooning melodies and lyrical riddles of The Smiths with the ominous tone of early Black Sabbath and the haunting essence of antique American music. Pleasure Forever was once known as SLAVES and all three members played previously in The VSS.

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