Ultramantis Black

Ultramantis Black

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Release date: July 8, 2014
Label:  Relapse
Catalog #: 4073098

Ultramantis Black is a hardcore band whose singer is also a professional wrestler of the same name. His band includes multiple members of our very own Pissed Jeans. Enjoy the heavy. 

*Note-  This is a single sided, 12" EP on black vinyl featuring an etching of the Ultramantis Black mask on the b-side. 

From Relapse Records page: 

"Behold the debut EP of ULTRAMANTIS BLACK, the hardcore punk band created to spread the gospel of professional wrestling champion Ultramantis Black. Having spent over a decade dominating the Chikara wrestling scene, Ultramantis teamed up with members of the beloved punk band Pissed Jeans to form a blistering political hardcore band that is equal parts The Locust, Deadguy and Melt Banana. Imagine the best parts of 90s militant straight-edge hardcore filtered through the over the top theatrics of pro-wrestling and you have ULTRAMANTIS BLACK!"

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