Double Vision
Jacuzzi Boys

Double Vision

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Release date: July 8, 2013
Label:  Hardly Art
Catalog #: 73072

The conquerors of the Johns and the Janes! The rulers of the rock! The cool fools that you make you drool! Straight out of Miami, FL, Jacuzzi Boys are back with a double scoop of electric rock ‘n’ roll to keep you buzzin’. The new single, “Double Vision” is a jammer for the mind, a feel-good freak out full of lasers and lipstick. It’s hot. It’s July. Slurp this song up with a straw.

But that’s not all! Featured on the flip is “Sunsets,”—the beach drifter, the tear shifter. Everyone from sun bums to horn honkers will be going bonkers to this tune. You’ve been cruising for the new Jacuzzi Boys’s LP (out this September on Hardly Art), and now you’ve got your sneak peek.

Written and performed by Jacuzzi Boys, captured by Key Club Recording Co., mastered by Kramer, and brought to you by Hardly Art. Act now! The rest of your life can wait.

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