Indian Agent

Meditations in the Key of Red

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Release date: October 13, 2017
Label:  Homeskillet Records
Catalog #: 4071296

Indian Agent is the collaboration between sidereal visual artists and musicians Yéil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin), OCnotes (Otis Calvin III), and Zak Dylan Wass. Historically, the Indian Agent was a post filled with settlers appointed by the colonial U.S. government to control Indigenous populations. These non-Indigenous Indian Agents managed and enforced oppression of indigenous civilization throughout Turtle Island. The Indian Agent once oversaw the rape, murder and brainwashing, of minds, bodies, souls, land and culture in the name of the United States of America. 
This true history of the Indian Agent is intentionally shrouded in mystery along with truths about the spread of the sickness known as manifest destiny. 

In adopting this title, we shift and reverse the brainwashing and destruction of past Indian Agents. We replace destructive false agency with our song, purpose, and lineage. As artists we harness the power of our blood memories to speak truth and positivity of our collective agency in radical contrast to oppression. We recognize our existence as a product of the violent history of the United States, our ancestry is Indigenous, African, and European, we come from boreal and tropical rain forests, deserts, islands and oceans; carrying the songs and stories of the land and our people. In sharing our stories and song we become the agents of our instinctive desire: sharing peace, light and vision with the world.

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