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Release date: October 5, 2022
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71546

REMXNG 2.2 leads with UK producer Rian Treanor’s jagged, stuttering edit of “‘96 Neve Campbell.” Treanor blends underground dance music genres with the techniques of musique concrète, and computer music, slicing the slasher-themed track into a collage of stabbing jump-scares. James Acaster (who happens to also be one of the band’s favorite comedians) collaborated with Deerhoof’s John Diederich on a mash up of the band’s “She Bad” and “He Dead,” which is followed by a synth freak-out rework of “Run for Your Life” by Baseck (who frequently appears as a turntablist on Clipping albums). Next is Fire-Toolz’s  hyperactive neon glitch symphony of “Attunement.” Egyptian producer ZULI gives “Make Them Dead” a crushingly heavy Drum & Bass flip, and akeyamasou’s mysterious “Something Underneath” remix atomizes its source into a dense cloud of IDM haze. The EP closes with a miniature for modular synthesizer and sampler by David Rothbaum—another frequent Clipping collaborator.

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