Velocity Girl


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Release date: June 14, 1994
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70247
Released in June of 1994, ¡Simpatico! is the second album by Velocity Girl.

"Coalescing at the University of Maryland in the late ’80s, Velocity Girl specialized in winningly sharp indie pop steeped in resonant major chord melodies and spry, agile rhythms, with a solid grounding in the unabashedly catchy style of bands associated with the UK’s Postcard and New Zealand’s Flying Nun labels, the semi-psychedelic nostalgia of Paisley Underground groups like the Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate, and the exhilarating pop perfection of the best New Wave acts. Focused and concise, the best Velocity Girl is some of the best indie rock D.C. – or any other city – can claim to have produced in the last 20 years.

Initially emerging as a noisy, shoegazer-ish outfit cranking out what guitarist and vocalist Archie Moore describes as a “murky noise rock, a sorta half-assed Sonic Youth sound,” Velocity Girl promptly turned their attention to the sunnier side of the street, cleaning up their approach and emphasizing tunefulness over distortion. While the Bob Weston-produced debut LP, Copacetic, is an impressive opening gambit, it’s the follow-up, 1994’s ¡Simpatico!, that best displays Velocity Girl’s powers, 12 tracks of unerringly impressive indie pop packed into just under 35 minutes."

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