Evil Chuck

Evil Chuck

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Release date: October 25, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71569

On this release, SUNN O))) pay transcendent, thunderous tribute to two departed friends and titans of heavy music: Death maestro Chuck Schuldiner on “Evil Chuck,” and Ron Guardipee of Brotherhood on “Ron G. Warrior.”

Written & produced by SUNN O)))

Greg Anderson : Electric Guitar, Amplifiers
Stephen O’Malley : Electric Guitar, Amplifiers, EMS VSC3

Recorded January 2023 at Rialto Theatre Tucson & Metro Music Hall SLC by Chris Fullard
Mixed & Mastered, March 2023 at Seagrass LA by Brad Wood
Cut by Matt Colton

Photos June 2022 at Fabric London by Luc von Gore

Dedicated to the memories of Ron Guardipee & Chuck Schuldiner

Published by Ideologic Organ Music (admin Mute Song) & Sabbath Rehash (admin Kobalt)

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