All Night Radio

Spirit Stereo Frequency

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Release date: February 17, 2004
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70623

Dave Scher and Jimi Hey hail from Los Angeles, California and are founding members of the psychedelic country-minded Beachwood Sparks. In between leaving the group in ’97 and rejoining in 2002, Jimi also turned up in groups such as The Rapture, Tristeza, Strictly Ballroom, and Glass Candy and The Shattered Theater. The two have also moonlighted as members of Lilys. After completing the Beachwood Sparks tour of summer 2002, Dave and Jimi joined forces to create All Night Radio, a band in which they could throw off the musical shackles, so to speak. The boys have tuned in to what they have dubbed the “Spirit Stereo Frequency” an Omnichronistic Music Source coming in non-stop, on bandwidth signals from the sun; a collision of displaced sound styles from the present, past, and future: soulful ’70s sounds, haunting ghost voices, the excitement of psychedelia, the flashing lights of bioluminescent sea creatures, the majesty of surfboarding, the spirit of B-boy culture, the mighty warmth/deep echoes of Jamaican dub reggae, the power of pop songcraft, the inevitability of robot consciousness etc… are all of equal importance, ya dig? So do tune in , and your molecules will remember the sound of yet to come!

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