We The Female!

We The Female!

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Release date: April 5, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 79573

Following CHAI’s acclaimed 2021 album, WINK, which “exudes a newfound sense of serenity, even as they remain committed to exuberant self-love” (Pitchfork), “WE THE FEMALE!” continues expanding CHAI’s canon of anthemic dance jams.

Of “WE THE FEMALE!,” YUUKI adds: “We are human and were born as female, but we have both female and male aspects in each of our souls, each with our own sense of balance.  We can't just label ourselves into clear-cut, simple categories anymore! I'm not anyone else but just ‘me,’ and you are no one else but just ‘you.’ This song celebrates that with a roar! Yooooooooo!!”

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