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Release date: October 12, 2022
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71548
For the fourth installment of the series, electro-acoustic pioneer Carl Stone leads with “Citadel Bod Doodt,” a composition based around a creaky loop from Clipping’s “She Bad” that evolves into a tangled knot of chopped-up vocals. “A Clipping Story” showcases prolific Kenyan experimentalist Slikback, who edits multiple Clipping songs into a frenetic collage of overlapping rhythms. Oakland’s Lexagon disassembles “Run For Your Life” into bouncy, disjointed loops, and Patric Catani’s “Something Underneath” amplifies the original’s science fictional atmosphere into a heavy cavernous trudge. Berlin duo Schwefelgelb transform “All In Your Head” into dancefloor-ready dark techno, and Paris-based musique concrète composer Aho Ssan processes “Looking Like Meat” into a droning digital smear. REMXNG 2.4 closes with “Down” by Cooling Prongs (frequent Clipping collaborator Christopher Fleeger), which interpolates melodic vocal snippets from multiple songs and weaves them into a demented operatic choir.

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