Magical Lies
En Attendant Ana

Magical Lies

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Release date: February 22, 2024
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71588

En Attendant Ana is a Paris-based indie pop band formed in 2014 and known for their jangly guitars, catchy hooks, layered melodies and poetic lyrics that gravitate around Margaux Bouchaudon’s vocals. They burst onto the international scene with their debut album Lost and Found on Chicago's Trouble in Mind ( label, which led to a U.S. tour in 2018.

Their second album Juillet has a similar energy, but sees the band make an artistic shift from the lo-fi references of their debut to more sophisticated songwriting. Released just before the lock-down, the album was critically acclaimed but never got the chance to be fully presented live by the band, who are known for their raw, emotional, captivating, and honest live performances.

In 2023, En Attendant Ana (Margaux Bouchaudon, Camille Fréchou, Maxence Tomasso, Vincent Hivert et Adrien Pollin) returned with a third album entitled Principia, widely considered their best work to date, which saw them travel the world on an impressive world tour. The album, said to nod to '90s British indie, jazz, Krautrock and French pop, has been very well received, both by the media, who have placed Principia on numerous year-end lists (here's TIME...), and by the band's ever-growing audience. Here at Sub Pop we're altogether crazy about them.

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