Clean Weird Prone (Inner World Peace Deluxe)
Frankie Cosmos

Clean Weird Prone (Inner World Peace Deluxe)

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Release date: April 25, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71594

Clean Weird Prone (Inner World Peace Deluxe) is an expanded edition of the band's critically acclaimed 2022 album, Inner World Peace.

Clean Weird Prone includes the original 15-track Inner World Peace tracklist, along with unreleased tracks, demos, and alternate versions of the album’s songs. Frankie Cosmos’s mastermind, Greta Kline, shares about this release:

“Maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s an obsession with archiving, maybe it’s just for fun. But I have always had a bit of a focus on preserving the first way the song went. It’s hard for me to let go of my demos. These are some of the many seeds of the album. I wanted to share a sampling (I have about 5 times as much material) because Inner World Peace was a drawn-out and unique album process. “Since forming the band, I have always had tours breaking up writing and arranging time…until 2020. This was also the first album since Zentropy that I wrote without any release plan or hopes to tour. I think that freeness can be felt in the album and the demos. 

My demo-ing process is extremely stripped down, and until 2020 I recorded my vocals straight into my computer mic or my earbud mic (track 5, “hey whatsup” is from that era). I can still carry my whole recording setup (sans instruments) in a tote bag. When I think about these recordings, I can physically place myself in a lot of them. Beds, floors, sometimes desks or tables. The internal and personal moment with the core of the song before it gets shared with bandmates and producers and expanded into the butterfly. These are my cocoons!”

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