Jason Loewenstein

At Sixes and Sevens

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Release date: July 9, 2002
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70580

Jason Loewenstein is a member of Sebadoh (who are, ‘Not dead, just asleep…’). On the last three or four Sebadoh records, Jason wrote nearly half the songs. And, while Sebadoh was always a very democratic affair, each of the members writing and singing their own songs, with the other guys picking up the rest of the necessary instruments, At Sixes and Sevens is a democracy of exactly one. All of the guitar and bass playing, all of the drumming, the singing the schlepping of equipment from place to place, the pressing “record”: all Jason, all the time. Urgent, angular, at times even manic: “Sometimes it’s you, but it’s me this time.” Further information may be obtained at (And, yes, we’re aware of the missed opportunities in not titling the record J-Loe…)

All songs written, produced and performed by Jason Loewenstein.

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