Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple

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Release date: October 7, 2003
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70626

A four-song split release from Kinski and their friends Acid Mothers Temple, limited to 5000 copies on CD and 1000 on double-LP. After a December 2001 Japanese tour together, the two bands did a bit of home-recording together. Kinski’s Chris Martin in the record’s liner notes: “Months and months later, I sat down with the tapes and began mixing what seemed to be the most interesting 10 minutes of the session, which became ’It’s Nice to Hear Your Voice.’ Kawabata [Makoto] wanted to overdub onto my mix (along with Tsuyama, Acid Mothers’ bassist, who wasn’t at the original sessions) and the results are ‘Planet Crazy Gold.’ ‘Fell Asleep On Your Lawn’ and ‘Virginal Plane 5:23’ are new Kinski and Acid Mothers Temple tracks (respectively).”
This CD is limited to 5000 copies in the US.

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