Love as Laughter

Destination 2000

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Release date: September 21, 1999
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70490

Hailing from Seattle’s Eastside (strikingly fertile ground, spawning Sunny Day Real Estate, Modest Mouse, and Red Stars Theory , among others), Sam Jayne used to be in a band called Lync, which released two astounding records (1994’s These Are Not Fall Colors, and the posthumous singles collection, Remembering The Fireballs (Part 8)). When Lync broke up in the fall of ’94, Sam focused on making tapes filled with fuzzed-out pop ditties of alien origin. The resulting record, The Greks Bring Gifts, a true lo-fi revelation, proved a drag to tour behind, just Sam and his various noise-making machines. Our hero longed for the added excitement, camaraderie and collaboration provided by the full band experience. So, he coerced some friends (ex-Lync drummer Dave Schneider and guitarist Jessica Espeleta) into joining forces with him, and released #1 USA in 1998. Now the year is 1999 and Destination 2000, the new Love As Laughter record is upon us, and all anyone can do when they listen to this record is smile, honestly.

Produced by LAL Industries with Phil Ek, Jon Tschurwald and Mike Epting at St-St-Studiolines recorded by LAL at the Velvet Elvis Jan – Apr 99. Mixed by Phil “So Naked You Rip” Ek at Jon & Stu’s 4/31/99.

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