Love as Laughter

Sea to Shining Sea

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Release date: September 4, 2001
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70531

Because at this point I can’t imagine that you’re not sick of people blathering on about this and that, the following from a December, 2000 aricle in NME (read it aloud in a British accent for full effect): “Take cover. Incendiary underground missionaries Love as Laughter are getting ready for an explosive deliverance from the bland and the apathetic. And with fanaticism like this, it looks like salvation is only a matter of time…” Throw in the fact that the NME folks tapped the recent L/A/L single “My Case” as ‘Single of the Week’ and that they found the last L/A/L full-length, Destination 2000 to be one of the best of ‘99, and you’ve got a full-scale UK phenom happening. And, Sea to Shining Sea is their latest and greatest blast of sci-fi rock and roll. You should ask yourself if you will make it through another year without an intelligent rock record standard to have on hand for all those times when you just can’t take another minute of bad plastic radio.

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