Margaritas Podridas


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Release date: April 6, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71561

Hermosillo, Mexico-based quartet Margaritas Podridas was born out of admiration for the underground rock landscape of the ‘90s, culling from the distortion-laden songwriting of the grunge scene, the scuzz-coated pop of shoegaze, and the noisy sojourns of that decade’s college rock’s guitar icons. Sonics aside, there’s a political streak and DIY ethic in Margaritas Podridas that recalls the confrontational idealism of their musical forebearers, evidenced in their underage scene-building efforts in their hometown, their negation of the English language despite their growing international fanbase, and their penchant for giving the middle finger to sexism in both the music industry and the broader world.

Carolina Rivera of Margaritas Podridas says, “‘Filosa’ is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever done. It is a very playful song composed by Rafael, but the lyrics were written by me about feeling stuff you can’t say, hurting the one you love by being indecisive, with anger, and desperation. We had the opportunity to work with very talented friends while recording and producing these songs, such as Jack Endino, who produced Bleach, one of our favorite albums by Nirvana. It was such a dream for us, as well as Felipe Garcia, who has been recording with us since the beginning in our hometown Hermosillo, Sonora.”

Carolina Rivera of Margaritas Podridas continues, “‘Vómito’ is composed by Poncho. This song is also one of our favorites to play live; it is a song about intense emotions that make you puke. The dynamics of both songs are very playful and exciting, we are very happy with how they came out. It is a dream come true to release them through one of the coolest labels in the music industry, which has had many of our favorite bands that we love, in its catalog.”

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