In the Midst of Chaos

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Release date: January 1, 2010
Label:  De Stijl
Catalog #: 76064

Recorded in 1978, In The Midst of Chaos is this western CT free-jazz group’s only release. It would become improv jazz sax player Paul Flaherty’s 1st record, who, as a youth, was smitten by the world, its creator and Pharoah Sanders. Chaos is also the only release of legendary guitarist Barry Greika, who, along with bassist Bob Laramie and drummer Glen “Hobbit” Peterson, remain the most under-recorded trio in history. A screamin’, howlin’, blisterin’ slap of a record that defies categorizations as it pushes the 70’s into uncharted confusion.

Pressed in a quantity of only 200 copies, it received the notice of almost no one. Two heard it though; one sailed it out the kitchen window, the wife of the other said to get the fuckin’ thing out of the house.

So here it comes again. Hardcore freeform shit, rejuvenated without shame.

- Charles F. Destruction

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