Rosie Thomas

If Songs Could Be Held

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Release date: September 13, 2005
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70675

At their best, well written, expertly executed songs do more than just tell a story — they pose important questions. On If Songs Could Be Held, her third full-length for Sub Pop, Seattle songwriter/vocalist Rosie Thomas approaches the sometimes difficult but universal topics of introspection, identity and love with bravery, honesty, and above all, stunning beauty. These songs aren’t all about Thomas’ personal experience, however, and that departure into the fictitious marks the first of several artistic stretches on the album. “It was very freeing,” Thomas, who approached her songwriting technique and vocal delivery from a more confident, methodic place this time around, explains. Although longtime collaborator and close friend Eric Fisher was an integral part of the process as he was on previous records, If Songs Could Be Held marks the first time Rosie has collaborated with musicians outside her circle of family and friends. Recorded by Mike Busbee at Brown Welch in Pasadena, CA, If Songs Could Be Held also features Liz Phair guitarist Dino Meneghin, accomplished film soundtrack string arranger Josh Myers, and a duet with Ed Harcourt.

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