Rusty Willoughby

Here Come the Weakened

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Release date: August 24, 1999
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70473

Though originally from Staten Island, singer/songwriter Rusty Willoughby is deeply woven into Seattle rock history: he’s played guitar in the bands Flop, Pure Joy, Llama (with Pure Joy drummer Jim Hunnicut), and Cobirds Unite. He briefly played drums for the Fastbacks, alongside Kurt Bloch who later became his band mate for Sick Man of Europe, a Cheap Trick cover band also featuring Scott Sutherland (his bandmate in Llama) and Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman. But on this Sub Pop Singles Club release (#17 of Volume 2), it’s just Rusty, front and center. Limited edition 1,300 copies on opaque white vinyl. Willoughby is still active around town, both solo and with a reunited Llama.

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP

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