Filming School
Sidney Gish

Filming School

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Release date: February 8, 2023
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 71538

Sidney Gish is a singer-songwriter currently based in New York. She produced her first two albums, Ed Buys Houses (2016) and No Dogs Allowed (2017) while attending college in Boston. Following the moderate success of No Dogs Allowed, she toured the album throughout the US and Europe as a solo live looping act. In 2022, she toured as a support act for TV Girl, Beach Bunny, and Cavetown. She has been working on new music, and will be sharing more of it soon.

Sidney Gish says of her contributions to the series, “I start lots of songs, but finish very few. Sometimes, I try to overcome this habit by skipping the ‘ideas’ phase, and improvising a song to completion within a few hours. Both ‘Filming School’ and ‘MFSOTSOTR’ were created this way. ‘Filming School’ was recorded in fall 2021 at my apartment in Brooklyn. The lyrics were freestyled while reflecting on film school, which I did not attend. In 2022, I added bass & synth to ‘Filming School,’ as well as piano, engineered by Lily Wen at Figure 8 Studios. ‘MFSOTSOTR’ was recorded in late summer 2019 at my old apartment on Mission Hill. The lyrics were freestyled while staring at a meme of a buff man wearing high-waisted jeans. No edits were ever made to ‘MFSOTSOTR.’ It has haunted my hard drive for three years.”

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