The Cheaters

See You Next Year, Fuckbrains

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Release date: December 31, 2015
Label:  No Threes Records
Catalog #: 4014697

The Cheaters began in late 1977, like many other bands of their time, high school friends who wanted to “form a band” and finding their outlet in punk rock music. Brothers Kurt and Al Bloch writing songs and practicing in their parents’ basement. With no money to record properly, they began a year of basement tapes, very crude to begin with, but as the playing improved, so did their “one-track” recordings. Saving up enough money to record and release a 7” in late 1979, they promptly disintegrated live on stage in October of that year. These are the best of the basement sessions, far more representative of their actual sound than the “proper” studio recording that became the official 45. Includes photo booklet and full download with the previously released 45, and many other bonus tracks. 

Limited edition of 200 on blue vinyl.

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