The Murder City Devils


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Release date: August 15, 1974
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70616

Following Keyboardist Leslie Hardy's mid-tour departure and bassist Derek Fudesco's announcement that he too would be seeking other interests (in Pretty Girls Make Graves), guitarist Nate Manny and Dann Gallucci, drummer Coady Willis and singer Spencer Moody realized the time had come to call it quits, and that the final show of their tour, played on October 31, 2001 in their home town of Seattle, would be their last. This spirited recording captures the Murder City Devils celebrating an emotional end as they pay tribute to the dedicated fan base that supported them from their raw, yet explosibe 1997 debut on the Die Young Stay Pretty label to their three subsequent Sub Pop releases – Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts, In Name and Blood, and Thelema. The Devils went out in a blaze of musical commotion and drunken glory; no true fan would have expected them to do otherwise.


1. Bear Away
2. I Drink the Wine
3. One Vision of May
4. Midnight Service in the Mutter Museum
5. I Want a lot Now
6. Rum to Whiskey
7. Dancing Shoes
8. Waltz
9. Dear Hearts
10. Thats What You Get
11. Idle Hands
12. Boom Swagger Boom
13. Dance Hall Music
14. Cradle to the Grave
15. Murder City Riot
16. Press Gang
17. Broken Glass
18. 18 Wheels
19. Grace that Saves

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