Fuckin A

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Release date: May 18, 2004
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70645

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In the 4 days it took to record the new record, The Thermals and producer Chris Walla worked in tandem to create what is the perfect follow-up to the chaotic pop madness of their 2003 debut, More Parts Per Million. Fuckin A is another twenty-eight minute triumph for The Thermals — screaming, piercing, as painful and discordant as it is joyous and melodic. Every track is pushed deep into the red, wrapped in a thick sheet of distortion, and served on a tattered blanket of very questionable fidelity. In other words, The Thermals are still The Thermals. They’re a little bit older, a lot wiser, a whole lot higher, but still unrelenting in their mission to smash pop music in the face, and to have fun doing it, goddammit!

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