Wolf Eyes

No Answer: Lower Floors

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Release date: April 10, 2013
Label:  De Stijl
Catalog #: 4000370

Some say Rock N Roll will never reach the same primitive raw vein hit of Bo Diddley at his more subhuman lurch, or that no unit could ever scramble the marbles left of what brain-boiling suburban electronic punk outsiders did in the mid-‘70s: Whatever you think, there is no denying the homemade nuclear war Wolf Eyes has declared on music. Wolf Eyes was birthed in the shadows of late-’90s Michigan by a few like-minded individuals: Nate Young, Aaron Dilloway and John Olson. However, Wolf Eyes has grown beyond a band into a collective mutant ensemble, an art abstraction unit: musicians, print makers, photographers and more, all sharing a primal vision of decoding the wilderness of the humanoid soul using their deep audio arsenals.

Today, Wolf Eyes are pleased to announce their return with a new record, No Answer : Lower Floors.

The No Answer : Lower Floors material covers all bases: tough to toughest to tangled, all done in the Wolves’ least convoluted smooth-style simple-yet-tangled rhythms. The vocals, delays, primitive electronics, woodwinds and raw guitar of newest member James Baljo create a new destroyed space to crawl through. No Answer was recorded and mixed at the Michigan Underground Group’s gambling/clubhouse/art space, with the usually 2D-flat quality of the drums and electronics given creeping new brightness-life within the hollow echo acoustics of the sacred space’s cinder prisons. No Answer : Lower Floors shares a natural feel with previous Wolf Eyes efforts but goes much further in detailing their underworld of odd melodies and mangled harmonics. Within their system-based economic compositions, there remains zero room for wasted space. The whole record is less internal misery and more colorful, if of a “could be life on Mars” zone more than rainbows and daisies.

No Answer : Lower Floors features former members Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly, and thus is a family homecoming of sorts. More important, it’s the dawn of a new Wolf Eyes era. As the desconstructed skull mangled on the cover states: It’s RNR from a waste world of 2001244 A.D.

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