Wolf Parade

Apologies to the Queen Mary

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Release date: September 27, 2005
Label:  Sub Pop
Catalog #: 70655

“Wolf Parade is like a retarded dog with four heads. At any given time, three of the heads are sleeping.” – Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner in the Montreal Mirror.

Wolf Parade is from Montreal.  Montreal, if you hadn’t already noticed, is the latest city to be made collectively nauseous with media attention, having been anointed (with articles in The New York Times and SPIN, amongst others) as the “most influential scene in American music.” And, with such exports as Potion 13 and Soul Haven, it’s little wonder. All that hullabaloo aside, Wolf Parade is the genuine article and they were brought to our attention by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock (whose interest dates back to Dan’s previous band, Atlas Strategic). In fact, Isaac, along with engineer Chris Chandler, recorded much of Apologies to the Queen Mary at Audible Alchemy in Portland, OR. The album is an entirely collaborative effort, reeling headlong and breathless through songs written throughout Wolf Parade’s time together as a band. They’ve spent time on tour with Modest Mouse and The Arcade Fire, played All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in California, self-released two limited ed. EPs, and have a song (a cover of Frog Eyes’ “Claxxon’s Lament”) on The Believer magazine’s covers comp. And then there’s this little thing: TIME magazine (albeit their Canadian edition) picked Wolf Parade as one of “Canada’s Most Anticipated Indie Albums of the Year.” Expect to see and hear much more from them.

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